dolly-daily-4Today’s podcast comes from the Canada2020 sponsored show Brief Remarks, featuring well-known political commentators Rob Silver and Jennifer Robson. In it they talk with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s aide Howard Anglin, who shares about the ways that a staffer helps weed out potential conflicts of interest before a big fundraiser. He also highlights something interesting about how much access your $1500 donation to a political party actually nets you. Turning then to women in politics, they speak with Memorial University Associate Professor Amanda Bitner about the challenges women have when they enter politics, particularly new mothers. She highlights that women need to be repeatedly asked in order to even consider running for office, whereas men are always quick to jump up and volunteer.

How the Dolly Daily Podcast Spotlight came to be:

Every day I take a walk with my little jack russell/rat terrier Dolly. She loves Victoria Park, so we usually head there first so that she can walk the oval and say hi to the Canada geese that make the park their shoulder season home. Then we head to Roos Island where she tries so terribly hard to catch squirrels, always coming up just short, as they scurry up the trees towards their winter homes. These days we also stop by the green space beside the Joseph Schneider House where she gets a little extra time for some ‘fetch’, before turning back up Queen to head back home. As we walk, I listen to a podcast. Since Dolly is just the cutest thing, and podcasts are awesome, I’ll be sharing the podcast I listen to that day, along with a short blurb about why I think it’s worth paying attention. I may miss a day here and there, and I trust that my readers will understand.

My Podcaster of choice is PocketCasts. Be sure to download it today.