Each morning I take my little Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix Dolly for a walk to the park. She LOVES to play fetch, and with apartment living it can be tough to get out and get her the exercise she craves. Thankfully I’ve found a little stretch of a popular public park that is little used, meaning I can let her run and play a little bit. These walks also permit me to listen to a variety of podcasts on a variety of different topics.  Yesterday I commented on one such podcast, Canadaland Commons, a podcast about the little things in Canadian politics. As frustrated as I was about the most recent episode, I do enjoy the work that they do.

Here are three more great pieces I discovered today:

The Specialist

Following up on some of the conversation around accountability and municipal government, I was listening to The Specialist this morning, where they discussed some of the problems that the City of San Francisco was having when it came to accountability within city hall. The answer there was creating citizen oversight committees as an extra layer of public protection against government mismanagement. The podcast, which explores all kinds of different work that people do that we don’t think about, devotes its most recent episode to the people who sit on these citizen oversight committees. Not shockingly, sitting on a committee for the City of Kitchener is something I’d love to do myself, perhaps in the future. While it may not be right for me at this moment, maybe you want to join a City of Kitchener Civic Committee? Just click the Facebook screenshot below and check out your options!

Special Feature: The Committee No One Wants to Be On

CoK Committees

TED Talks

The editor of Foreign Policy Magazine waxes poetic about the Canadian doctrine of multiculturalism, pointing to the global leadership taken P.E. Trudeau, and now by his son, Justin Trudeau. While I’m not inclined to agree that the Trudeaus are all that is great about Canada, I do think it’s important that Canada is being mentioned in these kinds of conversations as a global leader. I suppose it helps that Jonathan Tepperman is from Windsor, Ontario. While I listened to this first as a podcast, here’s the video. Enjoy!

The Half Hour Intern Podcast

The last podcast I want to feature is the Half Hour Intern. Like the Specialist, it looks at people who work differently providing a spin on the almost nauseating statement “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I liked one of the most recent episodes, the one about a corporate lawyer. This lawyer isn’t your average, stuffy firm lawyer though. He works for a medium sized outdoors company.

Have a listen: