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A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts and was perturbed by some of the conversation that was happening. Now this podcast features three former pastors who have since left the kind of fundamentalist evangelicalism that I grew up with, so I often find their humour on point, especially when they take issue with evangelical positions that don’t make sense. I enjoy their ‘serious’ segment, where they tackle topics relevant to progressive Christians who come from that evangelical background, like I do. So, I was a little disappointed when the jokes started veering into offensive territory; the jokes started sounding less like those from a Christian progressive and a little more like a bunch of guys making sexist jokes. Being who I am, I may have taken to Twitter to ask them what was up.

I was just disappointed that these guys were using misogynistic words, and I felt like I needed to call them on it. After some short back and forth on Twitter, the guys encouraged me to listen to the next episode; I’d like it, they said.
I just finished listened to it, and they were right. I did like it.
Their guest was Becky Seville from Oklahoma City. She has joined together with a few Pasterds fans to create the Twisted Sisterds, an all-female cast of characters, in the same general style at the Pasterds. They asked her the question straight on, whether they were as misogynistic as the guy on Twitter said they were. I thought it was brave of them to ask the question so straightforwardly. Nobody likes to be accused of something so serious; I felt pretty bad about having suggested such a strong word in my tweets.

Check out their Facebook Feed for more!

It’s also an awkward question to be asked: “Do you think we’re misogynistic?”

While Becky was careful not to damn them, she answered honestly and to the point: “I’d be okay if you never used the c-word again,” she said.

They were pretty quick to acknowledge that they’re influenced by a culture which is overly patriarchal in nature, sometimes being free with language can have hurtful effects on other people. Recognizing that everyone is on a journey, I was happy that they not only addressed the question head on, but they were humble enough to accept that while we often may intend no harm with the words we use, we end up doing it anyway. As a result, more care with some of these loaded words should be taken.

Clearly they’ve shown a certain kind of humility than many don’t have. They could have easily brushed it off – what’s one unhappy listener? As feminists and allies, self-reflection is important, but so is checking in with the women in our life to make sure we, as men, are actively being allies in the fight for equality in the church and in society. In doing that, Mike, Brad and Matt have earned my respect.

I’ve decided to become a Patreon supporter of the podcast. At $1 per month, it provides access to a Facebook group of people with similar stories of faith, and supports these guys as they make coming out of fundamentalism a little less painful.

So I’m happy to recommend this episode of the Inglorious Pasterds, where they tackle the question of misogyny head on, and introduce Becky Seville from the all new Twisted Sisterds podcast.


Also, and for the record, since I’m a lawful medical cannabis user, I don’t smoke a joint while listening, but I sure do vape! 😉

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