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Introducing the #TweetingMyChronicPain Project

Until I got sick, I had no idea what it meant to live with Chronic Pain. In many instances, I am ashamed to admit, I would pass off people’s comments about constant pain as some kind of weak mental state or an otherwise annoying part of friendship. I can remember becoming internally impatient with people who moved slower than I thought they should, occasionally unaware that they suffered from chronic pain.

Now that I live with chronic pain, I see the world a bit differently. And I struggle, as I am sure so many do, with the line between complaining and being honest, whining and truth-telling, sharing and over-sharing.

Yet it seems to me that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my chronic pain. It’s a medical phenomenon that we now understand better than in the past, allowing us to move beyond the fiction that people with chronic pain are somehow faking it, that they’re inferior or mentally weak.

Over the past few weeks, I have decided to start tagging frank, open tweets about how I feel with the hashtag #TweetingMyChronicPain. My chronic pain is a part of me, it’s a part of my identity now, and I shouldn’t unnecessarily suffer in silence because others might somehow see me differently.

Chronic pain is part of my life; It may slow me down, but it’s not going to stop me.

If you feel the same, [Tweet theme=”basic-full”]I’d invite you to join me by tagging your tweets about your chronic pain with the hashtag #TweetingMyChronicPain.[/Tweet]

I’m looking primarily for tweets that tell the world what your pain feels like; while it can be helpful to editorialize about the many ways that chronic pain touches our lives, I see this project as highlighting what it means to feel the chronic pain we live with every day. Help me to visualize your chronic pain, to understand what it means to live with that pain at that moment. Imagine, thousands of tweets, all writing our own scripts in the same play, the misunderstood world of chronic pain.

Join me today in #tweetingmychronicpain