Cannabis Industry and Advocacy

In October 2015, after the removal of a 25lb tumour and the repair of burst bowels, Peter turned to cannabis to help with pain relief, nausea control and appetite stimulation. After discovering the extent to which cannabis has led to a vastly improved quality of life, Peter became an ‘accidental advocate’ for medical patients in Canada. He currently serves as a member of the Patient Advisory Board at Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, where he advises on strategic communications and government relations.

Peter has since turned his writing practice towards the cannabis sector, authoring several local and national opinion pieces, developing working relationships with a number of Canadian Licensed Producers and other industry players. Making use of his specialized intimate knowledge of the cannabis sector, its rules, regulations and players Peter strives to produce high quality content for related businesses and advocacy organizations.

Peter welcomes media interviews about the cannabis sector in Canada, and is available for speaking engagements on topics ranging from his personal experience with cannabis as a medicine to education events for a wide range of audiences.

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Podcast and Radio Appearances
  • Listen in on Peter’s conversation with Mike Farwell and his callers on Monday, November 6th. In it, he shares part of his story, and touches on some of the more controversial aspects of cannabis legalization. Enjoy the listen!

A member of the Office Spaced: Cannabis at Work panel at the Grow Up Expo and Conference, Peter addressed some of the concerns patients have when sharing with their employer about their medicine. Niagara Falls, Oct 7, 2017

  • Peter Thurley Full Comment, August 25, 2016: New medical marijuana regulations don't pass the smell test

  • CBC Opinion, Nov 24, 2016 - Stigma of the lazy pot smoker hurts medical marijuana users

  • Zaid, Valleriani and Thurley - October 3, 2017 - Impaired driving bill overly targets medical cannabis users

  • Thurley, April 4, 2017, The Waterloo Region Record - PM must remember patients who need pot

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